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At this point i just hope that spurs lose to Bournemouth as well. We can't be the only laughing stock this week ffs....
Son looks pissed lmao. He is taking no prisoners today
Emerson putting shame to the Royal name the week the queen dies. U can't write this stuff馃槶馃槶馃拃
I am crying馃ゲ馃ゲ
Welcome to Chelsea, Thomas Tuchel! 鉁嶏笍馃數 #WelcomeTuchel
Bring Gilmour on. My heart can't take another RLC misplaced pass
We could have been the third team to win the sextuple......
Just remembered Bournemouth are back in the pl. That's two losses already
You are a grown jobless man. Tuchel is one of the best coaches in world football. Ik who i want to trust
We鈥檝e got 2CB鈥檚 in and Tuchel wants a third, which would push the most talented CB we鈥檝e ever produced out of the club and we still haven鈥檛 addressed our biggest issue which is midfield
Shame us?? We have always supported Eden and will always will. The streets always belong to him
Slim fit Hazard is ready for the new season. Time to shame Chelsea fans. 馃憣馃敟
Colwill has to go on another pl loan and can then come back and replace Thiago silva next season. Its the only sensible way to go.