Oh Leeds United, I'm so delighted 🤍💛💙 Marcelo Bielsa, the king of Elland Road 👑

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Pretty sure Rennes will take around £10m from the Raphinha sale #lufc
He's out on the lash with his mates, having a good time and as far as we are aware, has caused absolutely no issues at all. You got drunk and beat the shit out of your missus. 2 completely different things. Fucking bellend you are Stan 🤦‍♂️
I drink and enjoy it. I just don't want a player who I love watching and who I care about making the same mistakes I and others have made. Because those cheerleading him how are ALWAYS the first to criticise or disappear when the shit hits the fan.
Stella Stan 🤣🤣🤣
Get drunk and beat your bird up badly is ok for @StanCollymore but winning the league going on hols getting pissed to celebrate it is not what moron of a bloke Stella Stan is
Anyone know whats happening with this thing they was meant to be doing for Bielsa at Elland road? Or was that just bullshit from the club to soften the blow? #lufc
If Charles De Ketelaere isnt keen on Leeds then I'm not keen on him. Nobody should be convinced to join us in my opinion. Get players with Roca's attitude instead! #lufc
Jesus christ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gary Lineker?
I love KP and of course want him to do well, but Pablo and Bielsa leaving hurt alot more than this. Players come and go, be fully behind whoever pulls on that famous white shirt next season. On on on #lufc
Fans will be fuming once they realise the Kalvin Phillips money has already been spent!!! #lufc
Thank you and good luck @Kalvinphillips. Our Yorkshire Pirlo 🙌 #lufc
Steven Gerrard. I don't think there's ever been a more complete midfielder.
Since you've been watching football, who is the best midfielder you've seen? You don't have to have seen them live.
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Cody Gakpo - yes please!! Absolute baller. Not on Raphinha's level, but a very, very good replacement in my opinion. Should we get a very good fee for Rapha, it Will leave enough funds to strengthen another position too. The Leicester model! #lufc
Absolutely. Well done @andrearadri and co. He is our player, has a contract for our club and will leave on our terms. Here's the price, pay up or piss off. I like it 💪 #lufc
Leeds United have been pretty clear with all clubs interested in Raphinha: he can leave but they want at least £65m fee. 🇧🇷 #LUFC Arsenal after first bid rejected, Spurs after new direct talks, Chelsea after contact through Boehly… and Barça via Deco, got the same message.
I loved Ronaldinho, but this was a complete fluke, helped by atrocious goalkeeping.
20 Years Ago Today: THAT Ronaldinho free-kick 🚀🇧🇷
I now have a new favourite Spanish team. Vamos Bilbao carajo 🙌
🎙️MARCELO BIELSA 🔙"En el mes de marzo yo tuve un contacto con Iñaki Arechabaleta, me propuso esta posibilidad". 🦁"Es una gran RESPONSABILIDAD ser entrenador del Athletic Club. Necesitaba un tiempo para darle una respuesta". twitch.tv/elchiringuitotv
🤣🤣🤣 brilliant 👏👏👏
Maybe we should sign Ben Mee then we we can have a back 3 of struijk Mee koch.🤣#lufc
Things you love to see 🙌
Just seen this old man struggling to walk down the street after nipping to the shops in Golborne, saw the young lad stop to ask was he OK, carried his stuff, and held the man's arm as he got home. Well done that lad credit to his parents 👏 👍 🙌 Credit: Brett Forshaw
Leeds fans, can anyone actually explain what this was all about? #lufc
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🤍 Welcome to the #LUFC family! One team, marching on together!
I don't buy this at all. Kalvin has been very good for England as a whole, in a different system and obviously without Bielsa. His form is linked to his injury imo, he was out for 4 months and then came back for the last few games. #lufc
I'll say it because nobody else has balls, he was dog shit before Bielsa came and he has been dog shit since. Literally benefitted from a genius in a system built around him. I love him but im a realist, if the £60M is re-invested and Raph stays, sell him now.
Southgate has got to lose his job after that. He won't though. The FA want a yes man and that's exactly what they've got. God help when he goes into club management. Imagine the poor fans who will be forced to watch that every single week 🤦‍♂️ #ENGHUN
If there was an Arsenal game on TV, I'd always watch it as a child, just so I could watch Dennis Bergkamp play. Ridiculously talented and would be alot more appreciated had he played the game today. Baller.
Here's just over 2 minutes of Dennis Bergkamp doing Dennis Bergkamp things!