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Did I just hear my beat on a @ZAN_4PM vid?! Siiiiiiick. Thanks man.dreams do come true!
It ain't never been us vs them.it's always been us vs us.
All day fam! Shit is dope.
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@DTvjc @DFocis @ToneBeatz THANKS FOR THE LOVE DT!!!
Yall niggas really trying to save nelly?
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Lol. Yeah dude cats need to fall back sometimes
That tweet about ugliness an having unrealistic and super high standards done had a couple folks in they feelings since this morning smh lol
Time really does heal all things unless you wanna be a bitch about it.
I used to be strictly fitted but I rocks with the snaps. Gotta get one!
well, I don't have to lol. but I would like to, and someday hopefully I will!
Yup we outchea. More shows more shows more shows on deck
Super shouts to @DeadEndHipHop ! Much love for sharing your platform with us. I'm humbled...
@DTvjc of the Difference Machine Explains the New Album | DEHH Interview yewtu.be/shared?ci=55sL9M…
All extremely underrated. I'd throw 45 king in there too.
Muggs, Beatnuts, SD50, Paul C, Ant Banks, Sir Jinx, DJ Pooh, DJ Quik, Ultramagnetic, Mr Mixx, Showbiz, King of Chill
Massive shout to DEHH
@DiffMachine - It's Alive (feat. Paten Locke) | DEHH Music Video Premier yewtu.be/shared?ci=7ImTXY…
Ultimate side eye to some of the homies that still havent listened to my album that's been out for a damp month. 😑
I can't keep up.
Hi my name is DT. I make beats. I like em more than most. :)
Straighten it out >t.r.o.y
Time for some new music.soon come...
Yooo! That's wassup.thanks mayne! That fish and grits is amazing btw.
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thanks! Mitch played old premier or ludwig drums depending on the era. 22-13-16 with ludwig supraphonic snare.