I be listening to yall. be grateful. ONLY HERE TO PUT YOU ON AND TALK RAP

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Dababy really fell off. Them folks wasn’t playin
Kodak dropped the best mainstream rap album this year
Bar for bar ideas on this new Jack Harlow?
Big Bidy Bes got some goat producers on his new tape
Youngboy went crazy on that whap whap remix
Kodak make some of the most timeless music out rn
Let’s see where it’s at next year
Future album not mid its worse
Semi homie said y’all wanna be meech I would’ve tried his ass 😭😭
DaBoii is such a great artist and was the Beyoncé of SOBxRBE. The split did wonders for him especially seeing how the other members flamed out
They steal that many shots and thought I wouldn’t notice? 🤣
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Crazy thing is Coi album is not BAD it’s mid but lots of mid albums sell more than 9k
Tap in!!
Out now Enphamus- bite da dust
Chief Keef dropped an AMAZING album and if it was a new artist that dropped it more people would be hype but it’s so different from the drill keef ppl don’t appreciate it
That first one a reach but that second one is a bar. I missed that one
Replying to @DopeGoAnywhere
@DoLessMusic she suck my (balls) i made det bit my (main) drip her in mall 556 da (red tip) on dat tracer look like (carmax)
New Kendrick album. Where are the hot takes