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It's so cute when extremely hot people have no idea how hot they are.
But then shyness and humility make a person so much more attractive too.
Even they are both so shy and anxiety prone when they are smoking hot and I never understood that. Like when you're that hot you wouldn't expect that.
Forgot part of the song while singing to me today and reminded me of Ville. 馃槀 It was so adorable. They are so alike.
I'm so happy. My boyfriend's back healed and he can finally play guitar again without dying and he's getting back into music again.
I really like the concept of a Gross Happiness Index.
Rainy days always make me so happy.
"In Bhutan, prosperity and progress are measured by the happiness of the citizens. Instead of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), it is the Gross Happiness Index that influences policy making and governance."鈥
They have universal healthcare, care about the environment, and there is no fast food in the entire country. :-) At least that is what I heard.
Apparently in Bhutan they actually have a great king, who everybody loves. Makes me sad for everybody else.