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¿ De verdad? ¿Otra vez? Todo mi apoyo a @vonderleyen
#Day2Test for #Covid19UK is a farce! £40 wasted, test never arrived. Do not buy from Nationwide Phatology provider.
Ojalá que la humanidad escuche a Karmenka @Glackma, como ella escucha a los glaciares.
Desde £65 en Gatwick hasta £250 en una farmacia de Oxford. Si sois más, te hacen descuento, dicen. La situación es verdaderamente preocupante. Debería ser ilegal. El "fit to fly" PCR test necesita regulación ya! #somosemigrantesnoturistas @PabloIglesias @sanchezcastejon
It's quite tough to be living 2 quarantines at the same time: I'm Spanish living in England. So many frustrating moments and sad ones too. We are positive and being together in the distance, helps us a lot. Don't miss out Queen Quarantine. Every day at 7pm Spanish time.
Caos @ASOS on Christmas time! Order for next day delivery, and it will arrive 7 days later. Is not there fault though, is the courier's company fault.... Well done @ASOS, another time without gifts for my family and friends. Is not the first time, but will be the last.
Not only 3 days later, but in such conditions and missing items. @ASOS this is just terrible!
Xavi Hernández, España está fatal, pero que la compares con una dictadura y decir que el emirato de qatar es mejor para ti y tu familia...Yo creo que estas flipando, y que no sabes ni lo que dices. laizquierdadiario.com/Qatar-… @publico_es publico.es/deportes/xavi-her…
Ninguna familia mereció lo que pasó. JUSTICIA!
It is not only the Cellar, it was Plush before, the entire Con market Street, the flats at Iffley Road, the flats at Holloway... And so on. Oxford has dramatically changed. For those who have the monopolio remember: Oxford needs Oxonians to run YOUR monopolio!
What is Art? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more @JeffKoons at the @AshmoleanMuseum
Cuando no dices lo que unos quieren oír... amp.rtve.es/noticias/2019020…