All Leeds Aren't We!!

Joined November 2021
Was hoping our way like...#LUFC
Mate it's spurs not Wycombe, we know how we should feel 馃ぃ馃ぃ unhappy that Kule and Richy are in but happy at the back 5 especially Emerson starting, could be a 4-3 kinda game 馃ぃ
We need to change something on that left hand defensive side. #lufc
Why is everyone paying for Twitter 馃槶
I wish Kristensen was a better player man, I really want to like him. He's Alioski PT.2
It's not necessarily the performances that have been bad, it's the defensive mistakes and not taking our chances... Liverpool come out and put 2 or 3 in and it's the same old story, let's hope it's us who takes out chances in the second half #lufc
Just get a win today Leeds, anyway, scruffy, nervous, heart attack anyway just WIN #LUFC
Fuck 馃ぃ馃槶
My mrs trying to do something nice messagin Leeds players about her bfs birthday & this complete shit Cunt starts hitting on her @marcroca21 how about you focus on not being shit at football and disgracing our club and get your head in the game, fucking cock ! #lufc @andrearadri
Radz we signing a fucking striker? Radz:
Radz is running his hands together with the win, no more signings needed, remember this before... #lufc
To be fair that is ace ....
Some quickly what songs are these emojis on the church gate pin tweet, retweet!
Funny thread 馃槀
American fans going away from our page to follow @LUFC instead...
How good was JG today? He鈥檚 going to be a big part of the team next season! #LUFC
Seriously who has pressed pause on the time on sky? #lufc
Lifeeeeeeee 馃槖
Feels like I鈥檓 gearing up to watch the Leeds 馃檲馃檲 #lufc #utv
We just need to find a performance to get a point in the second half if we can keep it at 0-1 this half or better, surely they must have something more left in them than this!! #lufc
Not my favourite player of choice right now but Greenwood HAS to come on for Rodrigo, atleast he will put effort in and make a few passes #lufc
Okay I miss Bielsa again
Why does Harrison just freeze when he gets the ball until it鈥檚 taken off him? Genuine question