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#ENGUSA Mason mount is a terrible footballer. How he gets in this England only Southgate knows.
Salah plays for salah. If he'd pass Liverpool would be winning this game. What were they thinking letting mane go when your keeping that fuzzy haired ego. #LIVMCI
#Fifa23 @EASPORTS the least rewarding game. Opponents just sit deep and fire through balls. Seems the more you spend and shitter you are the higher your conversion rate.
Dropback through ball skill move is insane. If your going to do it make sure you drop £2000 on players first. Has to be no1 move in the game as everyone is doing it. Packs over fun. @EASPORTS #FIFA23
Turned this shit off early. Spanish are the qorst to play against. Time wasting, blatant refereeing cheating. 3 minutes of added time when the ball probably wasn't in play for 30. #MUNRSO
#UsykJoshua2 AJ reeping the rewards of Eddie's greed. Split decision my arse. AJ has taken the easy route his entire career.
Wimbledon in the 90's were labelled anti football but Jesus christ city's ball hoarding is a crime against football its so boring. #WHUMCI
#RMAMCI @btsport commentary is a disgrace. Steve macmanaman is an absolute tit. A push on a city player is treated as assault, the same on a Madrid player is theatrical. #RMAMCI
Do Liverpool get a free pass on all decisions that negatively impact them? Refs are 100% their 12th man. #NEWLIV
These players can't pass, shoot, run, communicate and worst of all they don't care about the club or fans. Shame on the players. #LIVMUN
Grealish 100mil player signed to give these city players acting lessons. #ATMMCI
Foden is pure scum. Almost as many rolls as his mum. #ATMMCI
Our last game in the champions league for years I think. @ManUtd your a fucking joke our season is over already. Don't buy a shirt unsubscribe from mutv don't give the club another penny. They've turned us into a mid table club. #MUNATM
Now is the time to unfollow the club, remove any subscriptions you have as its the only way they'll care is through £s and social media interactions. Unfollow the players too, lazy bastards fc. #MCIMUN
City's ball hoarding is a crime against football. #MCIMUN
Ronaldo and bruno are the type of players that are amazing when played separately but together they are both playing for Ronaldo fc. Bruno constantly looking for the miracle ball to his mate. #MUNWAT
Ronaldo has to be dropped. Its painful to watch him like this. Time looks to have caught up with him. #MUNWAT
Highlight of the game was seeing rashford subbed. 74 minutes to late but its still a highlight. #ATMMUN
Brighton are such a good side thoroughly enjoy watching them play. Give this side a Danny ings type forward and they'd be a top 8 team easily. Chelsea are almost as shit as @ManUtd #BHACHE
Nothing new. 6-0-4 no midfield no control. If your going to give ralf a fair crack nows a good time to let him add 1 or 2. Matic isn't good enough and Fred is a squad player at best. #AVLMUN