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This should read… Cristiano Ronaldo has never scored at Elland Road in his career. #lufc
Cristiano Ronaldo has never scored at Stamford Bridge in his career 😲👀
The absolute disrespect to make it interim. Out of him and Rooney, Rosenior is the better coach.
Liam Rosenior will take charge of first team affairs on an interim basis 🐏 #DCFC
JUST IN: News reporter has feelings whilst other news outlet tries to profit off of her feelings.
🔔| BBC reporter brought to tears live on air after receiving news her co-presenter has died. More below:
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If I was ever a member of a union, I would want Mick Lynch in charge. Mick has an answer for everything and has put everyone in their place. Ripping Jonathan Gullis a new one in particular was deserved.
That’s just disrespectful.
BREAKING: Origi’s goal against Barcelona has been voted as the greatest Liverpool goal of all time.
Common knowledge that Phillips would never have joined Scum. Why is this being discussed 😂 #lufc
🤔 “I don’t know why Man United didn’t make a move for Kalvin Phillips.” 💪 “He’s exactly what they need. A ball-winning player is missed in their team.” Tony Cascarino can’t understand why #MUFC didn’t compete against Man City to sign Kalvin Phillips
If they let Salah go… who do you think they will come in for?.. 🤔 #lufc
BREAKING: Liverpool 'could let Mohamed Salah leave for £60million this summer' amid ongoing contract saga
Remember when #villa fans thought they were getting Kalvin Phillips this summer?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
#LUFC fans that want us to stop talking about Bielsa… Shall we stop talking about Revie, Wilko and Hockaday too?
Since when did two English clubs start negotiating in Euros… Fuck off 😂😂
Arsenal are in direct negotiations with Leeds over Raphinha. The transfer fee could be around €65m/€75m. [@FabrizioRomano] #afc
“Daniel that’s possesive.” “FUCK OFF.” “Oh.” #lufc
Aye, just look at all the premier league trophies they won.
These two really had the Premier League in a chokehold together 😔
No one: Absolutely bloody no one: @MoscowhiteTSB : CANSUELOOOO!! @TheSquareBall #LUFC
I feel a TSB+ podcast where @TheSquareBall follow Bielsa and Ralph Ineson does a jingle that starts “la bola extra”
🚨 @RadioPopular report that Marcelo Bielsa will return as manager of Athletic Club (Bilbao) if Iñaki Arechabaleta wins the club's upcoming Presidential Elections. Arechabaleta is one of 3 candidates in contention for the post and will appoint Bielsa if he is victorious.
“Could only beat Liverpool in a one off game and Liverpool are still the best team in Europe” Michael Owen Yeh that one off game happened to be the champions league final Michael.
Valverde's UCL final assist to Vinicius in slow motion is art!
“I don’t get the Kalvin Phillips hype” There isn’t any hype because every England fan hasn’t liked Kalvin because he plays for Leeds. #ENGHUN
Awful awful awful take, these clowns.
Sir Alex Ferguson had Scholes, but tried to sign Steven Gerrard. José Mourinho had Lampard, but still tried to sign Steven Gerrard. Liverpool had Steven Gerrard and didn’t even look the way of Scholes or Lampard. Says a lot, that. Gerrard’s the best English midfielder ever.
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If you’re rating a footballer based on Ballon D’or votes you don’t deserve to have an opinion on football.
Paul Scholes didn’t receive a single vote for the Ballon d'Or in his entire career. Not one person EVER voted for him. The most overrated English footballer of all time. Please end this debate. Kind regards Curtis Woodhouse BEM @talkSPORT
Reminder that Mark Wright signed for Crawley Town and made their win in the FA Cup against Leeds all about him, when all he did,was come on during injury time. #lufc #SoccerAid