Why Chelsea play so good ?

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He's just a worse version of Kovacic
🚨 Chelsea are willing to put 40 million down on the table to sign Ismael Bennacer in January, his renewal with AC Milan is not easy. (@AlfredoPedulla) #CFC
What is his thing ?
Rice on Mount: “Look, let Mase go and do his thing. When he’s doing that it makes me happy seeing my good friend go and perform at the best level.” [@NizaarKinsella] #CFC Article- standard.co.uk/sport/footbal…
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He must've called them out
Hazard definitely said something after that game you don’t go from captain, to the bench & then left watching as his brother comes on first.
See you soon Rafa 🤝🏽
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My bro 🤝🏾
Juventus 😂
🚨 Juventus are interested in RB Leipzig's 20-year-old defender Josko Gvardiol but Chelsea are favourites to sign him. 🇭🇷 ⬛ #ForzaJuve 🟦 #CFC
Tambakti is only 23 ????? He needs to go to Europe ASAP
Respect to Tunisia 🇹🇳 but they only have themselves to blame after losing against Australia
How do you beat France but lose to Australia man 😭
You can go we don't love you like that
Marc Cucurella: “I didn't get the chance to really play for Barcelona and I've always been gutted about that. In the end, if I had the chance in future, I would value it, it would be very nice.”
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Iran vs USA in the Middle East, what could go wrong ?
Hazard is an Icone
Kalidou Koulibaly to RMCSport 🎙: ”I learned everything about life with a ball at my feet. Players like Maradona, Hazard, Ronaldinho inspired me more than defenders”. 🇬🇭 👑
Please no i don't want this tournament to end
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Graham Potter x Marc Cucurella 🇪🇸 Welcome back, lads! 👋 / @ChelseaFC
The Palestinian flag was unfurled during the Netherlands-Qatar match. 🇵🇸 #NED | #QAT | #FIFAWorldCup
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He didn't do anything at Real Madrid but he also blackmailed his teammate in the NT so...
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Keep in mind that Benzema didn’t have a problem in Real Madrid dressing room, the most complex dressing room in club football, for 13+ years. The French NT is even more complex though due to the constant racial, religious, and political divisions.
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