SplitMySong.com is a service that lets you split vocals and instruments in any song using artificial intelligence.

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4/4 I know this is a big change, but it's the only way I can keep the website online in the long run. Thank you for your understanding.
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1/4 Hello everyone, I'm very happy to see that the website is so well received. Last month it processed more than 30,000 uploads - that's incredible! Plenty of kind people also chipped in with donations to help cover the costs - Thank you so much for that!
2/4 But the bottom line is that the costs are much higher than the donations. Unfortunately, this means that I can no longer offer the website as a free service.
SplitMySong.com was released just a week ago. And I'm happy to see that more than 1,000 user uploads have been processed already! :)
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