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Task managers are amazing. Just need one more to remind me to check the tasks on my other 4 task managers. — adhd brain.
Everyone on Twitter is so angry about everything these days. Why do you hang out on here? Drama gets clicks + views because that’s how we’re wired as humans. The more drama Elon creates, the more ads he can sell. What do you actually like about this place? Pic made with Lensa AI
Nothing ruins your childhood faster than discovering Kevin Sorbo is an absolute twat on Twitter.
The fuck is wrong with #SBSWorldCup commentators. They’re only talking about the USA in the after match review. Did anyone tell them those guys lost?
What a random goal 😵‍💫 #NEDUSA
Can someone explain to me why Siri works just fine with @Spotify on CarPlay, but not on my HomePod. Are you saying that @VW engineers are smarter than the ones @Apple has?
I just log in on Twitter once a day to see if it still exists.
Fuck your ducks and their rows. When I stopped trying to make things perfect and accepted that everything is always a work in progress, life became a lot more enjoyable.
The only life-hack you'll ever need. Focus on your genius and outsource the rest of your life.
I’ll be eating stale bread for a month after black Friday and some amazing lifetime deals on @AppSumo cleaned me out.
Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special was so sappy. Marvel Studios turning everything into comedies instead of action movies these days. I miss the things that Netflix did with Daredevil and Punisher. Humbug.
When she politely refused me 5 years ago when I asked her out, she said it wasn’t me, and told me not to overthink it. So I think that’s what I’m gonna do. #adhd
Still not over the fact that Luke Evans wasn’t chosen to play Namor in the MCU. He literally looks like he was made for that role and he’s a great actor.
If I’ve already replied to your email or message in my head, why do you still get mad at me? It’s the thought that counts.
So we’re only getting two good marvel movies in the next 3 years?
So awkward when you fat finger an ’x’ after replying ‘thanks’ to a client on you phone 😬
People getting mad because the marketing whiz they hired for $200 on a 3 month instalment plan still hasn’t made them 6 figures yet. But it was likely the $5/h Fiverr guy who was supposed to copy paste some guru’s course and slap on a free Canva logo who messed up. Outrageous.
‘You know you can’t just use your ADHD as an excuse for everything you say right?’ Oh yeah?
Because I got verified, does that mean we are we friends now @elonmusk? Just checking before I start bragging about it.