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Your J.O.B will always pay you EXACTLY what they think you are WORTH...
Stop expecting someone who is really against you to play the part of someone who is really for you. Watch your surroundings and pray they find away out of your road to a happy, healthy and blessed life
ALWAYS think Positive... Eliminate ALL NEGATIVITY out your life and you Shall PROSPER
Even When you think you are at your BEST, There is Still always room for Improvement #Mindset
"I Believe in myself" 10 Things I'm Grateful for 1. Awakening 2. My Higher Power 3. My Health 4. My Family 5. My Friends 6. Personal Development 7. My Own Business 8. My Bills 9. My challenges 10. This List What are you grateful for?
Focus Through the distractions
Shoutout to everyone who supports and empowers other people. Shoutout to those who don't write hate messages online or participate in discussions tearing others down. Shoutout to the people who are focused on their own life and goals. You deserve big things.
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NO matter how much it hurt and you want to quit, you have to stay focused and NEVER let a weak mind OVER power a STRONG soul
If it's right for you, it'll feel right in your gut. Pay attention to your intuition and look out for the signs. The Higher Self knows what's best for you and will always guide you. Your awareness of your emotions and the signals around you are vital.
Praying for your family and friends is so important because sometimes they fight battles they'll never speak to you about. Make sure they are covered with your blessings
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When something in life goes wrong 1. First take a deep breathe & analyze the situation 2. Check your energy and make sure your vibe is right 3. Ask yourself what you can learn from the experience 4. Find an opportunity to become better 5. Conquer that obstacle and move forward
Healthy Breakfast on deck