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Check out her charity through Companies House and read the lame excuses for why the accounts were late ...
The face of care4calais,the far left and all that's wrong with Britain
Weaponised race and colour? You have such a narrow view of the world. Her consequence for being racist is resigning. In many places, including the UK, the consequence to simply being non-white includes police brutality, lack of access to healthcare or other services, poverty etc.
You've all heard of " Tim nice but dim" Meet "Luke Bright, not quite right"
Replying to @PaulEmbery
I鈥檝e read the transcript and she just keeps pushing the point and pushing the point. There鈥檚 no way she doesn鈥檛 know what she is doing. 鈥淲here are you REALLY from?鈥 鈥淵our people?鈥
The entire nation says " so f*cking what"
You'll get far more if you jump in a dinghy off Dover beach and throw your documents in the sea, (or give them to a friend to look after until you've been processed like the migrants do)
The Government is providing more support than ever with your energy bills. Find out what you are entitled to.
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Hades, and his father was Satan
If someone had asked Tony where he was from, how would he have answered?
What the fuck? Oliver twist was not black Dickens never intended him to be black And whoever decided to cast a black actor to play Oliver did it with the express purpose of insulting white people and causing division
When this is over all these hotels must be put out of business with lack of custom, and when they change owners (without actually changing owners) we must continue to boycott them. They've gone into this for a quick profit sacking staff and its the owners who should suffer!
Rain stops, 450 #illiegalimmigrants invade our shores again for a brighter benefit future, whilst 6K homeless veterans freeze on our streets! NO other political party have held a consistent stance on this. #StoptheInvasion @NeilUKIP @LadyDetectives1 @BenWalkerFABS @GBNEWS
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Ola @TiceRichard - disappointing result for @reformparty_uk & @UKIP yesterday in Chester. I鈥檓 not remotely surprised鈥 We won鈥檛 win anything on our own. It dismays me Reform think they will - this is more proof If you鈥檙e ready for alliance talks, so am I.. the country needs it
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Replying to @Nigel_Farage
The UK has been turned into a cess pit.. While all these clowns in parliament keep sticking their heads in the sand... Our streets are becoming more like a battleground..
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Let's get this out there....
Can we please get this trending #IStandWithLadyHussey #ReinstateLadyHussey show this Lady some love, and that she has more supporters than haters
"Homeless" voters going for Labour because there's no viable alternative. Yet
More Tory MPs will quit to avoid defeat at the General Election. This hefty Labour Chester by-election win is real votes reinforcing big opinion poll leads mirror.co.uk/news/politics/b鈥
More like "Division spokesman"!!!
A fight breaks out after diversity spokesman Marcus Ryder says Roald Dahl's James & The Giant Peach is a "horrible" film because it is "very white". Why shouldn't films have racial diversity quotas? @JuliaHB1 | @marcusryder
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Proves they're bringing it with them! How long before it's something more terrifying like EBOLA?
Health officials dealing with fresh Diphtheria outbreak at Manston migrant processing centre, GB News learns gbnews.uk/news/health-offici鈥
I recall years ago some experiment with rats &mice where their populations were increased and increased until it got to a stage where they turned on each other no matter how well they were treated Its happening to us now
Half a million immigrants in a year ..race baiting by anti-monarchists, unions strangling the country, woke TV ads, woke TV soaps,woke media. The infrastructure collapsing before our eyes ..because it can't cope with the increased population .Thank God I am in my twilight years.
Are there one of "those"hotels nearby?
I hate people who throw litter about especially gobby chavs like these two who abused & spat at a member of the public who asked them to pick up the rubbish they threw on the floor. I hope they get caught & punished. Scum bags.
So what! Another traitorous coward resigns. Time they were all gone and I'm (was) a conservative voter of 40+ years