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Omg the BEST reaction 😍 🥲
There was a baby chimp born at The Sedgwick County Zoo, the baby had to be put on oxygen for a few days. This is a clip of it being reintroduced to its mother for the first time.
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Black people when it’s cold outside when it’s supposed to be cold outside
Heavenly gone slap the shit out of Quad lol #m2m
Bravo literally messing with #m2m ratings like why the hell would they put whatever this is in M2M normal time slot? They literally could have put this on after M2M and then put them in M2M slot next week. Bravo trash for this.
Ashley see now you starting shit that don't need to be started #RHOP
Facts lol
I agree @IamTabithaBrown 😂. Her husband was too stunned to speak 😭.
Shout out to all the Family credits at the end and Tab and Chance as EPs #churchykoss
Contessa you didnt have a problem with Heavenly speaking on your marriage when she was being YOUR mouthpiece to him because you were letting EVERYONE speak for you and if your husband or your relationship is on the show it's fair game to talk about #M2M
How much can I pay Bartiste to cut his damn hair? #LoveIsBlind3
Train Like Jonathan Majors!
Contessa was just fine with @Dr_Heavenly expressing her opinions about her marriage when Heavenly was confronting Scott on her behalf. Contessa let everyone speak for her about her marriage but cop an attitude when people state their opinion #M2M
Chile all these damn papers 😮‍💨🙄#M2M
I don't think that was an apology from Heavenly but her owning up to her part in the rumor #M2M
Contessa go sit down and take accountability for your part in this mess which is that you put your business on TV #M2M
Hey @netflix instead of getting rid of shows ppl actually watch how about don't renew #LoveIsBlind for another season. This is no longer an "experiment" and after season 2 this show proves that love is NOT blind. Don't bring back The Ultimatum either. #LoveisBlindS3
This show doesn't need to come back. I never thought I would agree with Shake but love is blurry lol there are literally only 2 couples still together from this show and I have no hope for the couples from season 3 and how does everyone know they love each other? #LoveIsBlind3
Cole and Zanab I doubt they'll make it. #LoveIsBlind3
I don't know what #RobPelinka was doing this off season but Jeanie shouldn't have gave him an extension lol. It's time to blow the Lakers up.
I'm here for angry Eugene lol #M2M