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Yooo I think I鈥檓 finna delete #Xxxtentacion off my damn playlist. This is some sick Shit! #LOOKATME
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Here鈥檚 #XXXtentacion鈥檚 reaction when he found out he was viral after being released from jail 馃晩
true love shouldnt be this complicated i thought id die in ur arms #xxxtentacion
And no lie #xxxtentacion songs was jamming on the documentary cuz trust my old ass didn't know him til he was murdered ..just like I ain't know who or what a #KingVon or #lildurk was
I wouldnt be surprised if #Xxxtentacion reincarnated as his son tho..lil man looks exactly like him too
#Xxxtentacion was more needed than that damn 69 was done nicely and the fact that boy said he wasn't gon make it to 21 and was killed at 20 and he wouldn't be here to be a father and the baby was born 9 months later..
They let #Xxxtentacion beat and submerge Genevas Ayala head in water and told the only female concerned to NOT call the police and she listened. Shawty said Genevas had bruises like the spots on a Dalmatian?! WTF? #LOOKATME
#Xxxtentacion was Bipolar on drugs saying he talked to demons and no one recommended mental health ANYTHING?! #LOOKATME
#Xxxtentacion was definitely trinna beat his demons with his mental health troubles..