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Running a little late but I am live on @Twitch with more of that #OrcLife playing #PathfinderWrathOfTheRighteous! Come hang out for more Scaled Fist Monk/Dragon Disciple with tusks! @OwlcatGames #SmallStreamers @ShareOnHover
lkebabll FOLLOWED us on Twitch Thanks so much! #supportforsupport #smallstreamers #RT #CharliesWRLD
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Man, as a streamer, I love #GFX , but you know what I love more than that?? THE #KOOPATROOP because it actually helps #smallstreamers grow and connect on #twitch with 24/7 support runs and daily raids of over 100 people!! Join today to make a difference
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Hey you, yeah i'm talking to you, Earthlings. I don't see you in the Koopa Troop Discord. The BEST place for Small Streamers to grow with REAL support! Come see for yourself! <-- #smallstreamers #twitchstreamer #twitchaffiliate #PathToAffiliate #KOOPATROOP
during today's stream, I got raided 2 times, the first 2 times EVER! You guys are all so amazing and I'm just so hyped & thankful to continue growing with and of course, because of you guys! #smallstreamers