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Haha tbh I鈥檓 more afraid of the 24-hour #WaffleHouseChallenge
Not trying to dwell on the #wafflehousechallenge but I need to share how legitimately great I feel right now post-workout. Those carbs really gave me an edge. Maybe I'll do it again next week. 馃
Feeling good and strong. Thanks again to everyone who supported me on the journey. Special thanks to @JoshGrahamRadio for the radio shout out.
How can my tank be so full yet so empty at the same time? #cleanplateclub #wafflehousechallenge Out at 9:34 AM 5 hours + 7 waffles = Modified challenge accomplished.
Waffle number 7 is going slowly. #wafflehousechallenge
It's pretty lonely stuffing yourself full of waffles alone in the waffle house parking lot at 6 AM. Let's take this party inside. #wafflehousechallenge
It isn't my fault my friends decided on a modified waffle house challenge that's only 12 hours. I didn't know how established the official challenge was. Feeling like I'm disrespecting those who have completed the challenge. @MichaelSoukup19, I'm sorry. #wafflehousechallenge
@tweetybird733 any tips for the #wafflehousechallenge ? So far I'm stuck outside because they're take out only until 6:00.
One down. I sure wish I could sit inside. They're to go only until 6:00. #Wafflehousechallenge
30 mins in and I'm sitting on the sidewalk starving from my 20 hour fast. There's poop on the sidewalk. Other than that I'm having a pretty productive morning working on my laptop. #wafflehousechallenge
I needed some time to prep and be still anyway. This is probably for the best. The doors locked at waffle house because they're not open yet. #Wafflehousechallenge
Could wonder why I'm walking the dog so early. Missions take intentionality. #Wafflehousechallenge
@WaffleHouse waffle #7. This one goes to @Melvingordon25. Let @javontewill33 eat!! So many tds hawked, the pain every week 馃様. #wafflehousechallenge #GoBills
@WaffleHouse waffle #5 is for week 3 of fantasy. @moore_rondale 4 yards?! Secondly this one goes to the 馃悙@jtuck9 for a superb yet normal 20 point game. #wafflehouse #wafflehousechallenge #rkpbhamster
Time to start airing out some grievances with these dedications. #wafflehousechallenge #rkpbhamster
This first @WaffleHouse waffle goes out to @JoshAllenQB and the @BuffaloBills. Coming in last out of 14 teams is mentally draining. But #BillsMafia made those sundays a bit better. Except that @Jaguars week. #rkpbhamster #wafflehouse #wafflehousechallenge
At ~3AM tune in for updates on the RKPB Bowls fantasy football punishment.I鈥檒l be doing the @WaffleHouse Challenge.24 hours in this wonderful business,and with every waffle consumed 1 hour of the total sentence is reduced.Thoughts and prayers.#wafflehousechallenge #rkpbhamster