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Can't wait to hold my son.
I love waking up to my son's kicks in my belly 🥲🙏🏽👶🏾
Imagine a world without love. What kind of world would that be?
Careful of those people who seem to want to be friends but truly they are looking for baggage carriers. 🙅🏽‍♀️
Happy new year!! I am working towards it that's for sure 😌👏🏽
HAPPY NEW YEAR @tayamarquis can't wait to hear new music in 2022! Much love & blessings!
Where's the lie?? #retweet so we can be sad togeva🙃🥲
Actually picking up the phone and calling someone is a skill these days.
Everything positive you do in a relationship is foreplay.
What if love was attached to our bank accounts. So the more riches we got, the lesser of love we got. So, Kim Kardashian experiences a much lesser love than us.
What if Mary wasn't a virgin when she conceived Jesus but a girl who saved her virginity for thousands of years just to find the right man to plant her seed of Jesus.
I love when someone cuts me off and then the stop light stops them like "Stay back bitch be humble". and now not only do you feel stupid but I get to sit beside you and watch you look stupid, while eating my carrot. 🤣
When ur mean back to a person who was mean first you're just validating their meanness and easing their guilt that they were right to be mean to you in the first place because look at you, you're such a bitch!
Instead, tell them that their being mean and that they're hurting your feelings. This shit will fuck em up even more. Because now you don't have to hurt them - their own guilt will.
Unless they're a sociopath and have no emotions. Then it's fair game.