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This is worse than 2012-2018.
Memphis cannot miss.
Does ESPN have the absolute worst NBA production? The pre-game and half-time is atrocious and the broadcast audibly hate being there and talk about pineapple on pizza as Malik Monk makes a huge play in a close game 馃ぁs
This is so dumb. Flagrants for making a play on the shot.
When flopping goes too far
Marc Gasol makes garbage watchable
Hey @forumbluegold, am I crazy for thinking this but with Carushow and KCP out...might be fun to experiment with a THT + McKinnie back court in a non garbage time situation???
2020-2021: Clippers are the overwhelming favorites. It鈥檚 the Clipper鈥檚 championship to lose. #WeBelieve2021 #LAL #WashedKing
If the Lakers win the Finals this year, do the Lakers bring back Rondo, Dwight, Kieff, KCP and Dudz? I would think you run it back and try to build in the margins as well. This team never seemed worn down at any point.
Which one is it? Lakers have no depth or they鈥檙e an awesome team and LeBron and AD are the same as they鈥檝e always been? #spinzone
Hey @LakerFilmRoom, do you think Vogel will give THT some run to disrupt Herro if he gets going? Seems like a good matchup defensively and also to put pressure on Herro defensively on the offensive end
Lebron to Grant: I know you earned a big contract, but we got a Mid Level Exception and you can be the Assistant to the Assistant Regional Manager. It doesn鈥檛 come with a pay raise.
Isn鈥檛 that a box out? #soft
Annoyed with Mike complaining about the 鈥渄ifference鈥 in fouls. His best player can鈥檛 play D & takes meaningless fouls & that adds up. The Lakers actively work on playing defense without fouling. Basically every guy looks like Roy Hibbert circa 2014 #verticality
AD is tough to plug into an NBA team.
But the Lakers gave up too much for AD